New Technology Projects From Advanced Robotics for Manufacturing Institute


ARM (Advanced Robotics for Manufacturing) is pleased to announce six new selected projects from its fourth Technology Project Call that took place earlier in 2019. With the selection of these six projects, more than 40% of ARM Members are involved in one or more project. Pending final negotiations, ARM plans to provide more than $2.5M in funding for a total investment of approximately $5.8M across the six projects.

ARM projects require that at least one industry organization participates on each project to ensure that the outputs are relevant, applicable, and impactful. The projects are selected by a team of ARM Members and partners spanning government, industry, and academia.

ARM Robot arm
Courtesy: ARM Institute

“We believe that the outputs from these projects will address critical areas of need in US manufacturing.” Noted ARM Chief Technology Officer, Arnie Kravitz, “The projects focus on the development of robotic solutions that empower American workers while lowering the cost of manufacturing in the United States. When we strengthen the state of manufacturing, we secure a better future for all Americans.”