President Joe Biden Visits Mill 19 and Discuses Importance of Collaborations like the ARM Institute

Robotics, Workforce

“The ARM Institute is a public-private partnership funded in part by the federal government to help robotics technology move into the marketplace and to help train workers to build, operate, and repair robots so that working folks right here can take on good, well-paying jobs.” – President Joe Biden


On January 28, 2022, ARM were honored to welcome President Joe Biden to their Mill 19 headquarters in Pittsburgh’s Hazelwood Green neighborhood. President Biden spoke about the importance of U.S. manufacturing and how organizations like the ARM Institute and our Mill 19 collaborators – Carnegie Mellon University and Catalyst Connection – are building the future of U.S. manufacturing.

Following President Biden’s formal speech about infrastructure and U.S. manufacturing, he toured Mill 19 and met with various industry and community stakeholders. During this portion of the event, Ira Moskowitz (ARM Institute CEO) met more intimately with President Biden. They discussed the ARM Institute’s work, specifically discussing our work in education and workforce development and our work with the Hazelwood community. Ira was joined by ARM Institute Members Matt Holjes from Catalyst Connection, Jorgen Pederson from RE2 Robotics, and ARM community partner Pastor Tim Smith from the Center of Life in Hazelwood.

President Biden’s remarks and his visit underscore the importance of the ARM Institute to strengthening U.S. manufacturing. Through our work, we address both the need to spur technical solutions and work to train and empower the national manufacturing workforce. Both components are equally critical to securing our nation’s resiliency.