RAPID Member SoCalGas and Partners Unveil Innovative Hydrogen Generation System

Materials, Modular Chemical Processing

RAPID Member Southern California Gas Co. (SoCalGas), SunLine Transit Agency, and STARS Technology Corporation unveiled an innovative hydrogen generation system. The project will produce hydrogen from renewable natural gas (RNG) to help fuel SunLine's hydrogen fuel cell electric buses. At scale, this demonstration project has the potential to provide clean hydrogen at any location adjacent to a natural gas pipeline, which will help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and accelerate California's climate and clean air goals.

Pictured with SoCalGas' Chief Clean Fuels Officer, Neil Navi (right), RAPID's Executive Director and CTO, Ignasi Palou-Rivera (left), attended the unveiling ceremony and commented, "The technology on display today is an exciting achievement which has significant potential to contribute to our society's goal toward a net-zero future and demonstrates the application and commercialization of both process intensification and modular processing concepts, both of which are core to RAPID's mission." RAPID is proud to have contributed to the success of this demonstration through RAPID Project 10.4. In this project, experts at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory and Oregon State University carried out a cost/manufacturability study on the piloted STARS technology for solar steam methane reforming.