REMADE Seeks Proposals for $45M in Clean Energy Remanufacturing Technology Projects

Re-manufacturing, Recycling, Reuse

Celebrating Earth Day every day, the REMADE Institute, a public-private partnership established by the United States Department of Energy, today issued its fifth Request for Proposals, representing a $45 million investment in the research, development and demonstration of technologies to sustain American manufacturing and accelerate the U.S.'s transition to a Circular Economy.

Circular Economy

Acting Assistant Secretary for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Kelly Speakes-Backman said this investment is focused on reducing the nation's energy consumption, decreasing U.S. greenhouse gas emissions, fostering clean tech innovation, and addressing manufacturing's impact on climate change.

"President Biden last week proudly announced our new national climate target - a 50-52% reduction in U.S. emissions by 2030," Speakes-Backman said. "Investments like this with the REMADE Institute will accelerate the U.S.'s transition to a Circular Economy, ensuring we meet this ambitious and exciting new commitment."