2017 AIM Photonics Call for Proposals

Manufacturing, Photonics, Process

The 3rd annual AIM Photonics Call for Proposals is open to qualified parties that seek to secure and match federal funding for projects targeting the high-level goals of the institute. Proposals are due Monday, June 19th, 2017, by 9:00 AM EDT. Visit AIM Photonics  for details, templates, and file size limits. Proposals must be submitted to proposals@aimphotonics.com.

AIM Photonics is also seeking proposals for a demonstrator project that will assist in illustrating the potential applications of integrated photonics in a tangible and visual way. The goal is creation of a marketing tool that can be employed by AIM Photonics at conferences and other events. Proposals for the demonstrator project may be submitted using the templates provided with this Call for Proposals, but may be submitted at any time and should be sent to: info@aimphotonics.com.

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