America Makes Announces a New Rapid Innovation Call for Additive Manufacturing Projects

Additive Manufacturing

America Makes has announced a Rapid Innovation Call (RIC) for proposals supporting its mission of promoting and accelerating the development and deployment of innovative, cost effective, energy-efficient additive manufacturing (AM) technologies to meet defense and/or commercial needs. The RIC focuses on the maturation of AM technologies across six topic domains:

  • Topic 1: Understanding Build Interruptions via AM Monitoring Methods;
  • Topic 2: AM Part Families for Product Qualification & Certification (Q&C);
  • Topic 3: Defect Detection and Mitigation via Hybrid AM;
  • Topic 4: Characterization of Transient Phenomena Impacting In-situ Molten Pool Temperature Measurement for AM of Reactive Metals;
  • Topic 5: Advancing Lightweight Design for AM of Thin Walls and Struts;
  • Topic 6: Internet of Things (IoT) Technologies to Enhance AM Product Performance.

This RIC allocates up to $500K for projects within these topic domains.