Dear Colleague Letter: Supporting Fundamental Research to Enable Innovation in Advanced Manufacturing at Manufacturing USA Institutes

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The National Science Foundation (NSF) is interested in receiving research proposals addressing critical fundamental research needs in advanced manufacturing, and particularly in projects that may enable innovations in the technical focus areas of one or more of the Manufacturing USA Institutes. Such proposals should leverage the facilities, infrastructure, expertise and member companies of one or more Institutes.

Special Note: AIM Photonics has provided detailed procedures for collaboration, as specified in NSF 17-073, Dear Colleague Letter: Research on Integrated Photonics Using AIM Photonics Capabilities. Proposals for collaboration with AIM Photonics must follow the procedures indicated in NSF 17-073, and their titles must be prefixed by “PIC:” instead of “Manufacturing USA:”

Procedures for collaborating with Manufacturing USA Institutes in proposals to NSF’s Advanced Technological Education (ATE) Program are addressed in NSF 16-007, Dear Colleague Letter: Advanced Technological Education (ATE) Program Support for Manufacturing Innovation Institutes (MIIs) and Investing in Manufacturing Communities Partnerships (IMCPs).

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