Project Call — Digital Twins for Process Manufacturing

Digital Manufacturing

Proper mastering of the digital twin is central to achieving the promise of industrial digital transformation. This project will focus on the first challenge to achieving digital twin benefits: development and execution of a plan to collect, aggregate, and analyze all the sensor data necessary to build a digital twin of a product, process, or equipment. This RFP seeks to develop and demonstrate a software tool that will integrate and make viewable data streams from all IoT systems to enable field operators, engineers, factory managers, and other key manufacturing roles to gain data-driven insights for increased operational awareness. To accomplish these digital twin research objectives, this will project will be divided into two parts:

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Part A: Proof-of-concept for ‘mobile worker’ software tool and supporting infrastructure through implementation on a testbed relevant to process manufacturing.

Part B: De-risking the development of an open architecture testbed through the creation of a framework that allows for “plug-and-play” interoperability with various vendor technologies for sensing, data aggregation, analytics, and control.

Offerors have the option to submit proposals for just Part A or Part B independently or may submit proposals for both Part A and Part B. Both Part A and Part B shall be launched and executed concurrently.

RFP responses are due on or before 5:00 p.m. Central Time, September 13, 2019.