RAPID Manufacturing Institute Announces Two Concurrent Project Calls to Open in Late March

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The Rapid Manufacturing Institute is pleased to announce that in late March, two calls for project proposals will be forthcoming. Unlike the previous calls, these will be open only to current RAPID members in good standing, who will lead the projects. “Our first technical project call generated 73 submissions resulting in 21 projects.  These projects will result in over $30 million R&D activity during 2018 split between federal funding and cost-share. We anticipate an equally strong showing this time as well in each of our six focus areas,” stated James Bielenberg, RAPID CTO.  

While the first call focuses on projects related to new technologies or hardware, the second call will be more unique as it focuses on Education and Workforce Development. Tom Walsh, Interim CEO of RAPID noted, “We clearly understand that driving change in the process industries requires more than just the development of novel technologies. It is crucial that we also develop training and educational content that allows researchers and process designers to use PI principals in real world settings.”  Walsh further added, “Our call for proposals for Education and Workforce Development (EWD) projects will entail providing a face-to-face training course that is hands-on, project-based, inquiry-based or lab-based, is 2-5 days in duration, and is targeted to graduate students and professional engineers.”