Spring 2018 Technical Project Call and Tissue Foundry Project Call: Announced!

Bioengineering, Biomanufacturing, Manufacturing

ARMI's mission is to make practical the large-scale manufacturing of engineered tissues and tissue-related technologies, to benefit existing industries and grow new ones. In help achieve this mission, one of the BioFabUSA program's manufacturing goals is to make practical end-to-end automated biofabrication lines. These lines would ideally incorporate process analytical technologies ("PATs") to aid in the design, analysis and control of biomanufacturing processes through measurement of parameters that are essential to tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. ARMI | BioFabUSA envisions a single manufacturing line that includes the use of multiple bioreactors that can be used for any tissue and include basic non-invasive sensors for real-time monitoring of samples. It is with the goal of a system like this in mind that the Spring 2018 Technical Project Call and TissueFoundry Technology Call are based.