Today, U.S. manufacturing contributes more than $2.3 trillion to the economy each year, provides more than 12 million high-wage jobs, conducts the majority of the nation’s private-sector research and development, and is a key source of innovation.

Manufacturing USA was created to build on this strong foundation, ensuring that the U.S. will continue to be a leader in global manufacturing into the future. Manufacturing USA does this by fostering collaborative development of advanced manufacturing technologies through 16 manufacturing innovation institutes and their sponsoring federal agencies, the U.S. Departments of Commerce, Defense, and Energy.

The institutes — each of which focuses on a specific advanced manufacturing technology — convene private-sector companies, academic institutions, and other stakeholders to pursue collaborative research and development, test applications, train workers, and reduce the risks associated with deploying new technologies.

This large-scale approach to manufacturing innovation is paving the way for the adoption of advanced manufacturing technologies and processes across the U.S. industrial base, giving rise to new industries and creating exciting, well-paid manufacturing jobs.

In 2019, the institutes leveraged $133 million in federal funds to attract $355 million in state and private investment and supported over 560 major projects involving more than 1,920 different organizations.

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Advanced Fibers and Textiles

Integrated Photonics

Additive Manufacturing

Advanced Robotics

Regenerative Manufacturing

Bioindustrial Manufacturing

Smart Manufacturing

Cybersecurity in Manufacturing

Advanced Composites

Lightweight Materials

Digital Manufacturing

Flexible Hybrid Electronics

Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing

Wide Bandgap Semiconductors

Modular Chemical Process Intensification

Sustainable Manufacturing