Technology is becoming more integrated in every aspect of our lives, impacting how we live, how we work and how we play. Homes are now "smart," cars can drive themselves, and many products on which we increasingly rely are digitalized and automated. Thanks to the fourth industrial revolution, our world is transforming into a veritable Internet of Things.

These "technologies of the future" are harnessing the promise of the digital age to generate more information, save time and cost, increase productivity, boost efficiencies, provide customizable experiences, enable businesses to get their products into the marketplace faster, and create lifesaving new healthcare options.

Some of these changes are obviously welcome (hello, Wi-Fi!), while other changes have required challenging adjustments. Most, however, will continue to have positive impacts on our lives.

Working Together Toward a Bright Future

Manufacturing USA is a public-private partnership comprised of 14 institutes, 1,900+ member organizations, and federal sponsoring agencies including the U.S. Departments of Commerce, Defense, and Energy. The institutes work in critical advanced technology areas and bring together manufacturers, government, and educational organizations to address national challenges, advance these technologies in manufacturing processes and facilities, expand the knowledge and skills needed by the workforce to use the new technologies, and develop a strong manufacturing industrial base that delivers novel products here in the U.S.

Manufacturing USA institutes are leveraging the fourth industrial revolution to ensure we reap the rewards of American innovation that bolsters our robust economy, national security, and sustainability.

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