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The Manufacturing USA Interagency Working Group has released a revision of the Network Charter of the Manufacturing USA Program which was originally published in December 2016. Under the authority of the Revitalize American Manufacturing and Innovation Act (RAMI) of 2014, the Secretary of Commerce established the Network for Manufacturing Innovation, generally called the Manufacturing USA network. The network, along with its manufacturing innovation institutes, makes up the Manufacturing USA program.

The charter formalizes the functions of the Manufacturing USA network to

  • facilitate intra-network collaboration, fulfilling the need for an internal information clearinghouse
  • foster robust communication between the network and external stakeholders, serving as an external information clearinghouse for the program

The Manufacturing USA Interagency Working Team Representatives agreed to the following four operating principles regarding network governance:

  1. The network supports its member institutes in meeting the goals of the program and creates a collective impact greater than the sum of constituent parts. Individual institute governance is the purview of the lead funding agency and respective institute members. Legislatively mandated reporting on individual institute performance is the responsibility of the respective lead funding agencies.
  2. Network governance is a shared responsibility amongst the network membership. Mechanisms and structures are necessary to collect inputs and needs of key stakeholders, including those in the private sector.
  3. Decisions concerning inter-institute issues in the network should be made at the lowest responsibility level. In resolving issues, there should be a general preference towards empowering action at the institute level.
  4. The AMNPO is responsible for supporting network functions.4 The AMNPO, working with the lead funding agencies and other participating Federal agencies, is also responsible for reporting to Congress on the Manufacturing USA program and related institutes.

Contact: Advanced Manufacturing National Program Office - (301) 975-2830

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