The RAPID Manufacturing Institute™ Releases Annual Report

Materials, Process

The RAPID Manufacturing Institute™ has released its 2019 Annual Report.  In its third year of operations, RAPID and its members continue to develop the technical and educational tools to allow process intensification (PI) and modular processing to reduce energy and water use, lower greenhouse gas emissions, decrease capital and operating costs, and enable resilient, sustainable, distributed manufacturing in the process industries. RAPID's third year accomplishments include its focused stewardship of 37 projects with 100% of projects being reviewed at relevant Go/No Go milestones, strong progress in Education & Workforce Development initiatives including the annualization of its signature RAPID Intern Program, and membership growth with a focus on industrial partners. 

RAPID Annual Report 2019 Cover

The 2019 Annual Report provides a summary of the institute's 2019 efforts by RAPID CEO Bill Grieco, highlights RAPID's Community of Innovators, and describes how RAPID is preparing the workforce for a transformation in the process industries. Lastly, the report includes key research breakthroughs that pave the way for modular chemical process intensification (MCPI) technologies and include summaries of each one of RAPID's 37 technical projects.

RAPID Annual Report 2019 Cover