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CHICAGO—The U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) is set to award $10 million in funding this year to the Digital Manufacturing and Design Innovation Institute (DMDII) here, UI Labs CEO Caralynn Nowinski Collens, said this morning. UI Labs is DMDII’s parent organization.

DOD is also pledging at least $20 million more over the next five years to drive...

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Youngstown East is one of only three high schools in the country selected to be part of a pilot program to teach students advanced manufacturing -- because manufacturing no longer means large buildings with assembly lines. Advanced manufacturing means learning about robots and 3D printing.

CEO Krish Mohip and teacher Jim Alexi explained the...

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The Digital Manufacturing and Design Innovation Institute (DMDII), a Manufacturing USA institutes, in September named Chandra Brown its executive director, charging the veteran industrial professional with leading their efforts to, in their words, “Make every part better than the last.” You can find her full bio here.

Smart Industry chatted with...

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Digital Manufacturing

Much of the industrial manufacturing industry is abuzz these days over reports that augmented reality (AR) capabilities will dramatically change how these companies develop, manufacture and service products.

To help move things along, UI LABS, an organization tasked with leveraging research and innovation platforms to transform industries, is...

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The Fourth Industrial Revolution is upon us. Yesterday’s factory architecture is being transformed away from the one-factory-per-company model toward neo–cottage industries set within a new industrial commons.

On the northern end of the former industrial district of Goose Island in Chicago, a steel bridge leads to a glowing warehouse. Passing...