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My congratulations go out to Gretchen Whitmer for winning my state's gubernatorial election. The governor-elect - as well as governors across the other 49-states - face many great challenges from health care to infrastructure with significant financial constraints. Of course, with great challenges come great opportunities. Given the significant...

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Research by UI LABS and ManpowerGroup identified 165 roles that'll shape the "factory of the future," and why there couldn't be a more exciting time to be in manufacturing than now..

The numbers are staggering: Over 3.4 million jobs will become available in manufacturing over the next decade, of which 2 million may go unfilled because of a skills...

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Automation, Design, Digital Manufacturing

Some of the biggest names in manufacturing are collaborating to ensure the industry fully capitalises on the potential of augmented reality (AR) technologies.

Thomas McDermott, executive director of DMDII, said: “Augmented reality has immense potential to transform manufacturing, and early adopters are seeing impressive productivity and quality...