REMADE Announces $43M in Manufacturing Technology Energy-Related Projects


The REMADE Institute is proud to announce $43 million in new technology research, selecting 24 new projects as part of the institute’s latest round of funding, with goals to increase materials' recycling, save energy, and decrease greenhouse gas emissions.

Of the 24 projects, many involve new partners for REMADE, including the Ford Motor Company, BASF, and Case Western Reserve University. They join more than 90 existing partners, including industry innovators and academic researchers with Caterpillar, John Deere, Michelin, Nike, MIT, RIT, Yale University and many more. 

REMADE Chief Executive Officer Nasr said a new round of funding, valued at an additional $50 million, is expected to be announced in late spring. Projects that address education and workforce development will be considered in the fifth round, in addition to the transformational and traditional research projects that REMADE prioritizes.

“Our mission is to reduce energy consumption and decrease emissions, while increasing the U.S.’s manufacturing competitiveness,” Nasr said. “Our experts are working diligently to reach these critically important goals and, in the process, accelerate the U.S.’s transition to a Circular Economy.”