Smart Manufacturing Mindset™: Industrial AI, Data-sharing, & Value Creation

Sustainability, Sustainable Manufacturing

These days it’s hard to do much of anything without artificial intelligence (AI) being mentioned. Personally, most of us have experienced AI in one way or another, while professionally, depending on your industry, things may be moving a bit slower. Many manufacturers are beginning to educate themselves about the possibilities AI can bring to their business, but little action has been taken to date. One thing is clear, realizing the full value of AI in manufacturing will require new, collaborative thinking and business models centered around gathering data at scale to generate network effects.

In an AI solution, three critical components stand out: data, algorithms, and subject matter expertise. Each is indispensable, as we require the expertise to discern crucial data, select appropriate tools for various scenarios, and possess subject matter knowledge to evaluate outcomes from AI applications.

Today’s session brings together leaders representing a team of semiconductor companies who are forging a new business model for AI-enabled smart manufacturing. It all starts with data sharing and aggregation across the participating companies.