SolaBlock, Inc. Partners With CESMII To Focus on Sustainability and Expand Its Smart Manufacturing Resources and Offerings

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SolaBlock, an innovative startup in the renewable energy space, has joined as the newest member of CESMII, the Smart Manufacturing Institute.

Selected as one of “10 Startups to Watch in 2021” by Construction Global Magazine, SolaBlock uses photovoltaic-embedded solar masonry units (SMUs) to transform buildings – traditionally massive consumers of energy — into energy producers. 

The company’s mission is two-fold, according to Eric Planey, SolaBlock CEO. “First, we address the need for vertical solar solutions in urban and remote locations where conventional solar arrays are poorly suited,” he said. “Second, our technology can provide effective and immediate reduction of greenhouse gas emissions as we all work toward a more sustainable future.”

SolaBlock offers an ideal fit for CESMII, according to John Dyck, CESMII CEO. “This is a highly innovative and exciting organization, demonstrating the kind of breakthrough thinking that’s vital in achieving our nation’s sustainability targets!” he said. “As a clean energy startup, they’re in a great position to benefit from CESMII’s Smart Manufacturing workforce development resources, support ecosystem and technologies to ensure smooth, successful new program launches with respect to time, cost of ownership, and quality, and along the way, our members, and our nation as a whole will be the beneficiaries of their clean tech!”

Planey agreed. “Our technology offers a novel approach to green construction, changing the building envelop from a passive structure into an active, energy-producing asset,” he said. “Joining the CESMII family will help us bring this exciting technology to market quicker and more effectively. On the other hand, we look forward to contributing our ideas and learnings to the rapidly growing smart manufacturing ecosystem.”