REMADE: 2019 Project Call Notice of Intent

Recycling, Reuse

The Reducing EMbodied Energy and Decreasing Emissions (REMADE) Institute intends to issue a Request for Proposals (RFP) for Institute roadmap projects. The total investment will be approximately $24 million with 50% in REMADE funding and 50% awardee cost-share. REMADE anticipates issuing two (2) RFPs (RFP 3 and RFP 4) during Budget Period 3 (BP3: September 1, 2019 to August 31, 2020).  The first RFP (RFP 3) will be issued on or about October 7, 2019. The second RFP (RFP 4) is anticipated to be released in April 2020.

REMADE Remanufacturing
Courtesy: REMADE Institute

This Notice of Intent (NOI) is for RFP 3.  A separate NOI will be issued for RFP 4.   

RFP 3 will be issued through REMADE’s website (https://remadeinstitute.org/) and an informational e-mail to REMADE members. All project team members responding to the RFP must be members of REMADE.

For RFP 3, REMADE will allocate up to $11 million toward Research & Development (R&D) aligned with four REMADE Nodes (research focus areas), and approximately $1 million will be allocated to Education & Workforce Development (EWD). The four Nodes that will be supported through any of the research projects that may be selected as a result of the anticipated RFP are: 1) Design for Re-X[1], 2) Manufacturing Materials Optimization, 3) Remanufacturing & End-of-Life Reuse, and 4) Recycling & Recovery.  

Projects that are selected for award from the RFP must support the achievement of REMADE’s goals:

  • Develop technologies capable of reducing energy emissions through a reduction in primary material consumption and an increase in secondary feedstock use in energy-intensive industries.

  • Develop technologies capable of achieving feedstock “better than cost and energy parity” for key secondary materials.

  • Promote widespread application of new enabling technologies across multiple industries.

  • Educate, train and develop the incumbent and future workforce to support deployment of REMADE technologies.