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IACMI: Sustainable Products that Perform

Lightweight Materials, Materials

“A lot of people think you can’t get high performance when you’re using recycled materials, but we’ve proven that’s not true,” says Haley Keith, CEO of MITO Material Solutions. A new product, Fenix Fiber+, is an innovative combination of MITO’s hybrid graphene additives and Vartega’s sustainably sourced carbon fiber. Together, they are ready to unlock new markets for composites.

“Fenix Fiber+ creates a composite that can out-perform virgin carbon fiber, which expands the market opportunity for recycled materials. You don’t have to sacrifice performance for sustainability! We’re really excited about this,” adds Haley.

Savings in Material, Cost, and CO2

Haley’s initial research into what the composites industry needed eight years ago set her on a path with product goals she still aims to meet with all their products today:

  1. Consistently disperses
  2. Safe to handle
  3. Easy to integrate into existing processes

So, Haley and her husband Kevin, MITO CTO and co-founder, began finding solutions for the sporting goods market. They focused on additives in resins to improve performance in a wide variety of composite materials. They’ve been successful at demonstrating material, cost, and carbon emission savings from skis to fishing rods.