CESMII Announces NEW Request for Proposals for Workforce and Technology

Smart Manufacturing

CESMII – The Smart Manufacturing Institute™ is driving efficiency and innovation for U.S. manufacturers, through the funding of education, research, and Smart Manufacturing (SM) technology.  We do this through Request for Proposals (RFPs), focusing on priorities defined by our mission, strategy and the institute roadmap.  This RFP allocates up to $4.8M for Workforce Development, Enabling Technology R&D, Smart Manufacturing Innovation Platform (SMIP) capability development and Smart Manufacturing Innovation Projects.

In the area of Workforce Development, we encourage proposals around the development of micro-credential education for upskilling workers, Smart Manufacturing Learning Systems, and educational apps.

In the area of Enabling Technology R&D, we encourage proposals that create reusable SM building blocks, (for sensing, control, analytics, modeling) that impact energy and productivity through process optimization, as well as cost effective sensing and sensor integration solutions for legacy equipment.

In the area of SM Innovation Platform capability, we encourage proposals that can deliver Ontological Models (Knowledge Graphs), SMIP communications and interaction, SM Profile definitions for common equipment and processes, and Predictive Models for common equipment and processes.