CESMII Extends Projects Portfolio to Broaden Member Access and Deepen Value

Smart Manufacturing

CESMII - the Smart Manufacturing Institute today introduced of a new class of projects available to Institute members and prospective members, further enhancing their access to Institute-developed technologies, training and CESMII Smart Manufacturing Platform™ infrastructure.  Members and prospective members are free at anytime to submit proposals for Application Projects that are focused on showcasing, demonstrating or validating the use of CESMII technologies to solve specific manufacturing challenges.  While no  federal funding or financial support will be provided to Application Project teams.  CESMII members, with approved Application Projects, will receive access to appropriate Institute technologies and support resources, leveraging CESMII’s national network of Regional Manufacturing Centers (RMC). 

“Projects are one of the main levers we, as a Manufacturing USA institute, leverage to engage the U.S. manufacturing ecosystem,” said CESMII CTO, Haresh Malkani.  “Adding Application Projects to our portfolio provides more access to more people working together to make Smart Manufacturing a reality for all U.S. manufacturers.”

The SM Platform™, a centerpiece to the Institute’s technology roadmap, is valuable to manufacturers who want to be able to leverage the frictionless movement of information from sensing to modeling and control to make them more productive and competitive.  Application Projects provide access to these capabilities.  As a public/private partnership, CESMII leverages projects to engage its ecosystem and solve major industry challenges, driving collaboration and interoperability of industrial solutions. 

Mr. Malkani concluded, “CESMII is out to scale Smart Manufacturing, not for the sake of technology but, rather, for the value it can bring to the nation when every manufacturer has a data-driven culture underpinned by the information they need to make informed decisions at every level.  My hope is that more manufacturers will join CESMII and aggressively leverage Application Projects to create proof-of-concept solutions to solve their challenges.  That engagement is a major, necessary step toward scaling Smart Manufacturing and revitalizing U.S. manufacturing.”