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First NIIMBL Project Output Revealed at National Meeting

Bioengineering, Biomanufacturing

NIIMBL, a Manufacturing USA institute, continues to build momentum toward new, innovative biomanufacturing technologies.

That momentum was on display at the National Meeting as Dr. Dhinakar Kompala of Sudhin Biopharma Co., an early member, showed off the company’s new single-use compact settler for clarifying cell culture broth. The settler is among the first outputs of a NIIMBL-funded project.


The project, titled “Scale-up Studies on Single Use Settlers for Clarifying Cell Culture Broth,” aims to develop a disposable plastic device for clarifying cell culture broth from a single-use bioreactor. This process is currently done by centrifugation and/or using depth filters. However, removing cells through these methods becomes challenging at high cell densities and at large scale. Through a disposable, single-use technology, cells can be separated from the secreted protein product to produce a highly clarified product harvest stream.