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IACMI Wind Blade Prototype Finalist for Combined Strength Award to be Displayed at CAMX 2017

Composites, Design, Energy

A 9-meter wind blade prototype, fabricated and assembled at the National Wind Technology Center (NWTC) in Colorado, IACMI’s Wind Technology Area, has been selected as a finalist for the 2017 CAMX Combined strength Award.  The blade will be on display at the CAMX 2017 alongside the IACMI booth.  IACMI, the Institute for Advanced Composites Manufacturing Innovation, is also participating in the live demonstrations hosted by Composites One and the Closed Mold Alliance to share tips and takeaways in the latest composite processes. 

The wind blade prototype investigated new materials and processes in manufacturing with potential for commercialization to positively impact production times, manufacturer cost, durability, and energy-efficiency.  The prototype is a small-scale version of a utility-scale multi-megawatt blade and is a result of collaboration between national laboratories, academic entities, and eleven industry partners.