MFG USA 2019 at LIFT
Composites, Lightweight Materials, Manufacturing

LIFT, joining with IACMI – The Composites Institute, hosted a Manufacturing Day 2019 celebration at its Detroit headquarters on October 4.

The two institutes hosted 100 students from Detroit Denby High School for a tour of the facility and hands-on activities. During the LIFT hands-on activity, the students worked in the LIFT Learning Lab and...

Trenton Bullman
Composites, Education, Workforce

4M Carbon Fiber and IACMI (a Manufacturing USA institute) sponsored intern, Trenton Bullman, participated in his second internship continuing the advancement of 4M and 4XTechnology projectsin summer of 2019. Upon graduation in May, the aerospace engineer began his career as a full-time Composite Technical Track Engineer at GE Aviation. At GE...

Sarah Boermeestaer
Biomanufacturing, Education, Workforce

My name is Sarah Boermeester, and I’m currently a summer intern at ARMI. I’m a rising junior at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, where I study Biomedical Engineering with a concentration in Tissue Engineering. When I’m not studying I love being outdoors, painting, and being with family and friends. My educational background revolves around...

UMass Lowell Research Team
Education, Fabrics, STEM, Workforce

A team of University of Massachusetts (UMass) Lowell researchers has partnered with researchers from Saint-Gobain, a multinational manufacturer of construction and high-performance materials, to create new, cost-effective sensor-laden textiles that can be used to monitor the structural health and integrity of vital infrastructures across the...

Students in Idaho working with LIFT
Education, Lightweight Materials, Workforce

Preparing students to fill the demand for advanced manufacturing specialists, LIFT’s MakerMinded program provides schools with learning and competition experiences to excite students about 21st century manufacturing careers.

The Need

As manufacturing technology advances, the industry is facing an employment crisis. Current manufacturing employees...