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Although it may not be obvious, there’s a close link between manufacturing technology and innovation. Elon Musk often talks of the “machines that build the machines” as being the real enabler in both his space and automotive businesses.

Using less-expensive, more scalable processes allows Space X to launch missions on budgets and with speed that...

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For the past few decades, agility in the technology sector has largely meant moving faster and faster down a predetermined path; innovation has largely been driven by our ability to cram more transistors onto a silicon wafer. With every new generation of chips came new possibilities and new applications. The firms that developed those applications...

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The National Center for Defense Manufacturing and Machining was recipient of a Defense Manufacturing Technology (ManTech) Achievement Award at the Defense Manufacturing Conference last week in Phoenix.

NCDMM was recognized in the category of “Readiness Improvement” for its additive manufacturing three-phase “Maturation of Advanced Manufacturing for...


Take a moment to think about what the world must have looked like to J.P. Morgan a century ago, in 1919. He was not only an immensely powerful financier with access to the great industrialists of the day, but also an early adopter of new technologies. One of the first electric generators was installed at his home.

The disruptive technologies of the...