The textile-heated garment industry is revolutionizing how we stay warm. Advanced Functional Fabrics of America (AFFOA) is at the forefront of developments in the types of heat sources used, particularly how they are controlled for optimal comfort and efficiency.

Re-manufacturing, Reuse

Reduce, reuse, recycle: that’s the mantra millions of schoolchildren have been taught for decades as a way to remember to take care of the planet. But what about reuse, repair, remanufacture?

A circular economy, in simple terms, is a closed-loop system where materials and resources are reused for different applications. Magdi Azer of the Remade...

Industry Today
Cybersecurity, Lightweight Materials

MxD and LIFT, manufacturing innovation institutes sponsored by the U.S. Department of Defense based in Chicago and Detroit, respectively, celebrate a decade of bolstering the vitality of the American manufacturing sector and strengthening the nation’s defense industrial base in 2024.

Recognizing manufacturing is a major driver of both innovative...

Artificial Intelligence, Manufacturing

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) intends to announce a competition for a new Manufacturing USA institute. The expected competition will seek to establish a Manufacturing USA institute focused on using artificial intelligence (AI) to improve the resilience of U.S. manufacturers. The U.S. Government intends to enter into a...

Industry Week
Additive Manufacturing

As U.S. manufacturing continues to recover from the challenges ushered in by the pandemic, the industry currently is facing a workforce shortage. According to a 2021 study by Deloitte and the Manufacturing Institute, 2.1 million manufacturing jobs could go unfilled by 2030. This statistic raises the critical question of how to fill these roles...