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It’s no secret that one of the manufacturing sector’s primary challenges is attracting talent to fill critical roles. With an aging workforce and increasing demand for advanced technology skills, it’s vital for manufacturers to interest youth in advanced manufacturing careers.

NextFlex, one of 14 Manufacturing USA Institutes, has a national mission...

Industry Week
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Lightweighting isn’t new to the auto industry, but it’s finally mature enough to make a significant impact on manufacturers, drivers and the whole planet.

Even if you’re not a car aficionado, you can see why the Chevy Corvette C2—aka the Stingray—is re­vered among the pantheon of American automo­tive manufacturing. Sleek. Classy. And fast. Really,...

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Lawmakers at all levels can play a key role in the development of smart technology for manufacturing, the head of the Clean Energy Smart Manufacturing Innovation Institute said on Hill.TV's "Boundless," which aired Wednesday.

"Federal and state lawmakers can play a key role in incubating technologies that are vital in smart manufacturing," said CEO...

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"What if?" It is the question where innovation begins, and few companies have asked it as often and answered it as well as DuPont™ and FilSpec USA.

A company-wide commitment to innovation is one reason why DuPont is a partner in the Advanced Functional Fabrics of America (AFFOA), a non-profit institute founded in 2016 as part of the U.S. government...
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A cutting-edge multi-project wafer (MPW) facility at AIM Photonics, a Manufacturing USA institute, in Rochester, New York, is nearly ready to roll.

Officials said last week that the delayed Test, Assembly, and Packaging (TAP) site will begin services for customers next month. The TAP facility is a core element of the $600 million-plus silicon...